"Hm... yes. This is good enough. Enjoy."
— ???

???, who nobody remembers the username of, was around just before the beginning of Wikia War II. ??? would come to chat daily asking for ratings on the HB Wiki. Since the chat was constantly full and active, the ratings were enough to make him go away.

He claimed to work for Wikia Staff and that they were doing a new project. This project was a Wiki needed a certain amount of ratings to stay open. If they didn't meet the requirements, it would be sent back to Staff and it would be closed right away. This began to annoy people. Later, users started noticing that other Wikis weren't being asked about this and an email was sent to the Staff about the situation they were in. 

The response came back a few days later. Confused, nobody on the Wikia Staff Team knew about this and said they never sent out anyone to do that. They also mentioned if someone really did work for them, they'd have a staff logo next to their username. After the email was read, ??? was never seen again.

Even though ??? was never seen again, some Ivichs ended up coming to chat saying they're being linked to this place. It's thought that ??? was behind this.