The blog was made by Ilovecreepypasta (pre-Nicole) was a rage-filled, hateful blog she had wrote during the first coming of the Ivich Army on the first WIki. Because the Ivichs answered very few things Nicole had told/asked them, she thought the blog would grab their attention and possibly would get rid of the situation, if not that, raise awareness of what's going on and recieve help from more than who was there.

A shoutout was given to two users in the blog who were longtime members and who also helped in the fight. The users were OneForSeven (mentioned as 147) and Dr. Las Moore. The two were referred to as "helpers" since they were the most active and the first few to find the starting Ivichs.

This was one of the first records of the starting war and was the only other method thought up of besides going to Community Central and looking for help. Out of the 7 comments left on the blog, only 4 (2 including responses) were serious comments. 

There are currently no other blogs known by any other users about the beginning.