"I know ya'll hate me...but please, give me one more chance."
— CreatorMystic

CreatorMystic is a  Venkon Soldier and was previously banned due to lying, alternate accounts used for harassment, and flat out wasting the Venkon Army's time with her games. She had originally found the BDYT Wiki and was told to come to the newer place, BD Wiki. It wasn't long until she was a daily visitor and contributor.

She wanted to help with the situation with the Ivichs. Despite being warned about how dangerous this really is, she still really wanted to help out. She was quickly recruited and became a more and more active member after that. However, she began losing sight of what was really going on and began trying to make the Wiki into something it wasn't. 

Much later into her days on Wikia, she began telling the Venkon Soliders about her personal life. Such as the mishaps she has had in her previous relationships, or her treatment at home. She had the pity of many. However, she more than likely felt her life story wasn't strong enough. She began to make alternate accounts to harass herself to draw attention and cause a show in chat.

The main one and most remembered one was "Jadusable's Roomate". She would say her Wii U crashed when he came on, when in reality the Wii U doesn't support multiple working tabs, so she had to log off to use it. She would sometimes use the excuse her internet went out because her ex-boyfriend is a "major hacker" and "is genius when it comes to computers". 

It was known right away she was making it all up and frustrated everyone on the Wiki. While everyone made it clear nobody believed her anymore, she still insisted on using her alternate accounts and claimed the situations would get much worse. She was banned right away after this and was declined a return into the army. 

By late August she had returned. Her past has been forgiven and her newest account that she will restart her Wikia life on is now known as "CreatorMystic". She is still pending to be a Venkon. But, she will more than likely rejoin under new terms.