"You put this upon yourself. No wonder everyone wants to kill you. You're a little brat who can't do shit."
— Damon Salvatore173

Damon Salvatore173 is a user who met MaskedManClaus through a long process. MaskedManClaus met him on Jareck.Smith's Nyan Cat Wiki and Claus originally had planned to help Jareck with the bullying issue. 

From the start, Damon and Claus were enemies. When IM STILL ALIVE came and interfered, they went to her Wiki to discuss it more. Later Nicole and Claus both saw what Jareck was really like, and Damon wasn't bullying him at all. Damon was sticking up for Kariyamasaki12.

Though Damon told Nicole she needed to get rid of Claus because he did not like him, she did not comply. Damon was introduced shortly after to the war and what the purpose of HB Wiki was. Damon felt sorry and offered to participate in helping the Venkon Army in any way he could. He was recruited right after his offer.

Damon continuously told Nicole to ban Claus for still not liking him. Nicole later got annoyed with Damon constantly asking and told him to stop or there would be consequences. Damon agreed.

He worked his way to getting chat moderator rights after gaining the trust of many users and dedicating himself to helping the Wiki. He slowly started to arrive to chat more and more, even during school when he had the chance. Damon asked if it would be okay to bring a friend in who was curious about the place. People happily welcomed the idea.

One day, Nicole and Damon got into a fight that involved a lot of other users. He had gone back to trying to get rid of Claus and even started being rude to new users. He would abuse his powers then say he was "joking". Though he was using them in a joking matter at the time, it later got repetitive and started doing it without say. This was considered just flat out abuse. Admins had a talk with Damon about this issue, but he only saw it as a joke. On October 7th, 2014, Damon went on a banning spree. Any user, regardless as to who it was, would be banned from chat. His rights were revoked after this.

Outraged by the fact we couldn't take a "joke", he swore he would join the Ivichs, and so he did. It did not take him long to get in considering he was actually pretty good with computers. He was blocked right away and has not been heard from since. Shortly after his block is when his called DEFAULT came in his defense.