Ever since the user known as Insane Black Star has come across the Wiki shortly after an incident with the user known as "Flames of Phoenix," its been thought Insane Black Star is very well the owner of this account. When confronted about being affiliated with this user, Insane Black Star was quick to deny even being friends. He stated that he knows how Flames of Phoenix is and says she is nothing but trouble and crazy.

The aforementioned Flames of Phoenix and including the incident was Flames of Phoenix joining the Wiki in hopes of helping the Venkons out. It was within the same hour just as Flames of Phoenix left, a person appeared in chat called "The Mystery Mark?". The Mystery Mark? said very off things and just seemed completely unrelated to the Wiki. The most memorized one is him saying "The legendary one has awoken". This sent the chat into a wild laughter and everyone began taunting The Mystery Mark?. It was obvious that The Mystery Mark? was actually Flames of Phoenix just being selfish and trying to make them seem important.

Nicole went to Community Central and messaged Enchanted Iris who she found had a better connection with Flames of Phoenix. She asked if she knew any accounts Flames of Phoenix held, and it was true that they were indeed The Mystery Mark?. The two were both banned right away.

A few days after this, Insane Black Star messaged Nicole on the Community Central Chat saying "Don't I know you?". He was also very quick to get into the incident with Flames of Phoenix. This made Nicole suspicious that it was the same person yet again, and she was right. 

Insane Black Star was very self centered and didn't care about the rest of the people from the Wiki. He was there just to get a good title and view from others which have been clearly destroyed in the eyes of others from previous encounters with him.

After a long time and the suspicion of Insane Black Star really being Flames of Phoenix grew, Nicole contacted Wiki Staff requesting an IP Check. Here is the following email Staff replied with this shown in the screenshot: 

Screenshot (1)

Evidence. Click to zoom in if you must.

IBS was contacted by Nicole with a photo of this email. He denied ever having possession of those accounts although this email was correct about him having a connection. He is still in denial and will not confess.  A few days later, Insane Black Star told Nicole to run another IP check again on this and see what happens then. She did not do as he wanted because it was obvious he was going to change his IP.