"We all have emptiness inside, and we all have answers to find."
— Der einsame Schatten

Der einsame Schatten, formerly known as "Spike490" up until 3/15/16, is a former Venkon member. He had met Nicole in school. He also knows MrNovemberInsanity from the same school. Though "Spike" is his Wikia name, he is actually called "Kurt" and is called that more often. He would often edit this page with little "journal entries" of sorts, but they have all been replaced as of now.

He was around for Eyeless Jack's return and Ambrose Malachai's return. He had contemplated joining the Ivich Army, but the Venkons convinced him out of it. He is a bit unstable, but still a loyal Venkon for the most part.

Violent Outbursts

For some reason, he became very violent towards Nicole. He acted kind of crazy at times, and would hit her repeatedly in some areas, at least until she forced him to stop. Talks with him revealed this was because she was apparently being "violent" towards him some at school, but Nicole claims it was meant in a joking way.

Despite this resolution, he didn't stop being violent. Weesee II got fed up with it and labelled Kurt as a target, which apparently set him over the edge. He stopped talking to everyone altogether, even if it was to work things out. He started acting condescending and crazy; it was unknown why he did this and if he would stop. He eventually admitted it was due to wanting to detach from everyone before he moved away. He has re-attached to the Venkons again somewhat.