"I'm sick of fighting. It's the same thing over and over with him. He needs to get a grip, man."
— Estian Estival

Estian Estival, also known as Sam, knows IM STILL ALIVE, MrNovemberInsanity, and Eelyk in real life. He was introduced to the Wiki after becoming curious as to what the website everyone was going on in school. Nicole slipped him a piece of paper with all the information on it and signed up. 

While he just enjoyed the Wiki for chatting while in class to classmates who were elsewhere, strange things began happening and he was worthy of the explanation. MrNovemberInsanity wasn't sure what to say, so IM STILL ALIVE confronted him about it all in class. Rather than being scared, he was determined to help the group and put the Ivich in their place. He was constantly warned of the dangers, yet he showed no signs of fear. 

Estian soon started getting on Wikia after school at his house. He took this chance to see what happens after school hours and meet the other Wikia members. He befriended many, and also annoyed many. 

During Eyeless Jack's Duplicity, Estian was a supporter of getting rid of Eyeless Jack and participated in getting his rights removed as well. This was because he was a victim of EJ's abuse. Estian also took part in fending off Jagyel and Kalasta during the 4/23 incident.

Once the school year ended, he stopped coming on. Though he is inactive on Wikia, it is known he is alive and well.