This small bit in the Wikia War seemed to have lasted ages. Though it may not be deadly, it was the beginning of a new threat. A new way of an attack.

Eyeless Jack is a user who has been around the HB Wiki since October 13th, 2014 and BD Wiki since December 4th, 2014. He was brought there by the user "Common Foundation" (Ezra) in an attempt to help fix the situation.

Later, after showing he was trustworthy, he did his all to work on the BD Wiki to attract new users. After a lot of work he did and finally worked his way to Administrator rights, he abused them after getting them. 

The issue was that he wanted to take control and reinvent the Wiki in his own image, in his own thoughts. He never consulted any other admins about his changes which after a while really started to cause some problems with other users. Since at the time the Wikia Staff had disabled the ability to take away certain rights of a user, this fight dragged on much longer.

By January, Eyeless Jack was completely corrupt and filled with lies. He claimed to be half "neko" (which nobody believed), he claims to be able to work with demons and tried to send one after IM STILL ALIVE. That same night, he banned ALL the users from BD in his fit when we stood up to him in the chat.

By May, a forum was made discussing the demotion of Eyeless Jack and our reasoning. There were enough votes in a few days for Wikia Staff to demote him completely. From there, he was blocked and later returned in June. June 18th, 2015 he said he was leaving Wikia because of what he did. He said he was not coming back, but as of 10/8/2015, he returned. It wasn't long after THAT that he had been banned for drama and harassment.

As of 2/28/2016, Eyeless Jack returned.