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Music from the video game The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess from 2006,by Nintendo Music by Toru Minegishi,Asuka Ota & Koji Kondo

Musique du jeu vidéo The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess de 2006, par Nintendo Musique de Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota & Koji Kondo

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Tracks: 00:00-Disc Channel Preview Screen 00:09-Title 01:15-The Legend of Zelda Orchestra 03:22-Menu Select 04:29-Opening Demo 06:24-Meet Ilia 08:08-Ordon Village 11:19-Ordon Ranch 13:25-Herd Game 14:45-Inside a House 17:55-Shop 20:19-Instruction in the Ways of the Sword 22:22-Talo's Rescue 23:58-Battle 1st Half 25:20-Battle 2nd Half 26:20-Cave 29:54-Departure 32:45-Wild Goat 34:00-Ilia's Theme 35:44-Enter the Darkness 37:25-Link's Transformation 38:19-Midna's Theme 40:02-A Helping Hand 41:47-Twilight 47:36-Twilit Battle 49:36-Succumbed to Twilight 51:57-Meet Princess Zelda 54:04-A Beast in the Village 56:45-Shadow Beast 58:23-The Light Spirit Appears 1:00:24-Reduced to a Netherworld 1:01:04-Recover the Light 1:02:29-The Lamentation of the Spirit 1:04:29-The Hero Chosen by the Gods 1:05:17-Faron Woods 1:09:15-Hidden Skill Training 1:11:24-Forest Temple 1:15:56-Ooccoo's Theme 1:16:53-Ook 1:19:49-Diababa Battle 1st Half 1:22:25-Diababa Battle 2nd Half 1:26:31-The Next Light Spirit 1:27:40-Our Children Taken 1:29:53-Hyrule Field Main Theme 1:35:03-Huryle Field Night Theme 1:38:08-Hyrule Field Morning Theme 1:38:46-The Postman's Theme 1:39:40-Scared 1:41:21-Link is Coming 1:42:44-Storehouse on Fire 1:45:05-Kakariko is Saved 1:48:18-The Mountain Dwelling Goron Tribe 1:49:26-Kakariko Village 1:52:34-Sanctuary 1:53:43-Graveyard 1:55:23-Death Mountain 1:58:11-Rodeo Game 1:59:37-Sumo Game 2:01:56-The Thundering Herd 2:03:31-Horse Battle 2:08:39-King Bulblin & Lord Bullbo 2:10:55-Courage 2:12:36-Inside Death Mountain 2:15:50-Goron Mines 2:18:39-Before Battle with Dangoro 2:19:26-Dangoro 2:22:47-Fyrus 2:26:08-Save Ilia 2:28:13-Bridge on Fire 2:29:33-Twilit Cargo Game 2:32:09-Queen Rutela's Theme 2:34:33-Shadow Insect 2:36:25-Legend of Hyrule 2:39:25-Lake Hylia 2:43:14-Fyer's Cannon 2:43:42-Falbi's Cannon 2:46:17-Hyrule Castle Town 2:51:04-Musicians 2:53:07-Overpriced Shop 2:56:13-STAR Game 2:57:16-Agitha's Castle 2:59:32-The Fortune-Telling Mansion 3:02:15-Meet Ilia Again 3:03:47-Escort the Horse Cart 3:05:48-Prince Ralis is Saved 3:11:32-Lakebed Temple 3:15:51-Deku Toad 3:19:00-Morpheel Battle 1st Half 3:22:12-Morpheel Battle 2nd Half 3:25:39-Meet Zant 3:26:20-Zant's Theme 3:27:25-Light and Darkness 3:29:50-Midna in Distress 3:33:06-Meet Princess Zelda Again 3:35:36-Sacrifice 3:36:13-The Barrier Around the Castle 3:38:12-Sacred Grove 3:40:56-Statue Game 3:42:44-Master Sword 3:44:40-The Twilight Realm 3:47:35-Gerudo Desert 3:50:57-Arbiter's Grounds 3:56:36-Death Sword 3:59:56-Stallord Battle 2nd Half 4:02:11-The Sages' Theme 4:04:33-The Demon Thief 4:06:37-Cargo Game 4:07:59-River Game 4:10:03-Fishing Hole 4:13:39-Fishing Hit 4:14:42-Rollgoal 4:15:29-Zora's Domain 4:19:13-Snowpeak 4:24:26-Snowpeak Ruins 4:28:47-Darkhammer 4:29:17-Blizzeta Battle 1st Half 4:32:22-Blizzeta Battle 2nd Half 4:34:45-Love 4:36:37-Sled Game 4:39:01-Chamber of Stone(Past) 4:41:42-Temple of Time 4:44:43-Darknut 4:47:48-Armogohma Battle 1st Half 4:51:09-Armogohma Battle 2nd Half 4:52:37-Hidden Village 4:56:43-Ilia's Memory Restored 4:57:25-Jovani's House 4:58:53-Malo Mart 5:01:23-City in the Sky 5:04:19-Aeralfos 5:05:44-Great Fairy's Fountain 5:06:54-Mirror of Twilight Completed 5:07:55-The Twilight Princess 5:09:38-Enter the Twilight Realm 5:11:01-Palace of Twilight 5:14:22-Phantom Zant 5:14:56-Before Battle with Zant 5:16:03-Zant 5:21:03-After Battle with Zant 5:24:27-Breaking the Barrier 5:25:15-Hyrule Castle 5:28:03-Hyrule Castle Tower 5:31:06-Before Battle with Zelda 5:33:41-Zelda Battle 5:36:02-Before Battle with Ganon 5:36:38-Ganon Battle 5:39:41-After Battle with Ganon 5:41:38-Before Battle with Ganondorf 5:42:44-Princess Zelda's Theme 5:44:26-Ganondorf Battle 1st Half 5:47:47-Ganondorf Battle 2nd Half 5:52:19-Ending 5:53:10-Staff Roll

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