"Well nikki, we may be enemies, but remember I will not hurt you in any way shape or form. In fact, I may help you if you truly have no other resorts. I know there is a conflict between us, but lets not make that conflict a physical battle. Thank you for actually paying attention to this." -Flippstur

Flippstur's Settlement is an event that happened about early June of 2015. Flippstur, aka Jacob, is a real life friend of IM STILL ALIVE and DaewiHan42.  Flippstur joined the BD Wiki on January 22nd, 2015 when Nicole's classmates were going around talking about her website.

Flippstur told Nicole he actually had a Wikia account before going to her website and had accidentally met her. From that day forth, Flippsur was a pretty common user on the BD Wiki. Though he did not know about the previous wars right away, he was told about the situation weeks later.

By early June, Flippstur began to change as he realized the Ivichs reasonings and true plans. This lead to Flippstur betraying the Venkon Army. This was shocking to all.

Flippstur soon after started to become Ambrose's puppet for his sick entertainment. He would do as they all told him to. He would obey everything they said, regardless of who it was he was forced to go after or what it costed him to do.

When no Ivichs were present, he would go back to being how he originally was. Though he was much more silent than usual, and not quite the same as he once was, users were still determined to help him. 

Later, Flippstur broke away from the Ivichs control and became somewhat neutral to the whole war. While he was back to normal, he would appear slightly less often than usual at the same time. He was later globally blocked by Wikia Staff for vandalism. He can now be reached under the name The Flippstur.