HB Wiki (now closed) was made on April 27th, 2013 by IM STILL ALIVE after the BDYT Wiki was destroyed in the previous war with the Ivich Army. This served no real purpose and was never intended to grow as a website or even be recognized as one. It was a last second plan and was made as a temporary hide out and was hoped to have enough time hidden in the lost parts of the internet for another plan to stop the Ivichs.

As Blud D Mess reached out to Nicole shortly after, he told her that the others would not be joining them. For the time being, it was just her and Blud. Neither of them talked for the time being. At this point, Nicole decided she would be more social throughout Wikia. She was going around spreading the fight of Wikia War 1 and her return, which had many either in awe or unwilling to believe her. 

Most of the time the new users consisted of those whom heard the story. Most were asking to help or just had follow-up questions they did not ask before. This helped the Wiki grow. Some of her friends in real life would help spread the story and the Wiki, which helped more. Users from Wikis such as Weegeepedia, Community Central, PSI, etc. would join.

A year later, the war struck. This was known as Wikia War 2. Wikia War 2 was much worse and HB (seemingly) took a lot more damage than BDYT Wiki. Though more users were involved, it still seemingly resulted in both a failure and a victory. There was no truce made, but the Wiki was abandoned because of the damages. The Ivichs who participated have either not been heard from or are just inactive in general. 

After the war, Nicole made the BD Wiki. This time it had the purpose of ending the war. Not all users followed over, as not all made it out.

As of now, the wiki's URL redirects to this wiki, Wikia-War.