If you have not read about the Wikia Wars, then this page might save you with your first encounter. Wikia Wars are by far the most feared event within the Venkon Army. Before continuing with this page, it is suggested that you read about the Wikia War Summaries first in order to get a good concept of the advice. Please read this carefully and do your best to understand. Do not hesitate to ask questions. 
Rose's Room (Extended)

Rose's Room (Extended)

More relaxing music :D

  • Take some time to collect your thoughts and organize a plan either for yourself, for a small group, or for everybody. A person cannot function properly when under pressure.
  • Do not sacrifice yourself or give out someone else's information just to stay safe. Work as a team and focus on the mission.
  • Understand you will not be left alone. Go and talk to someone if you are nervous about an uprising or scared of current events. Know users are here to help you.
  • Do not provoke an Ivich just for the fun of it. This will put you in a dire situation and anyone else that volunteered to do so.
  • Do not ever think you are useless. Even you just being there, supporting us, helps more than you think. Everyone can do something.
  • Don't just get a bunch of people from a wiki in hopes they can help, especially when an Ivich is in chat. More than likely, most people aren't going to believe us, or they'll stick around but won't help. However, if you truly think a friend or someone you know can help, and they want to potentially help, then bring them and them only. We'll catch them up to speed.