It's a scary thought about an Ivich coming to chat, especially if it's your first encounter. Don't worry! We've all been in your shoes. You shake, your eyes water up in fear, your head races with thoughts. Yup. It's not fun. That's why we're here to hand you a guide on ways to deal with them calmly and orderly!

  • If an Ivich happens to enter chat and for some reason no admin/mod is there at that time, don't panic. Simply stay calm and think. You could ask the Ivich what they want or whom they're looking for. Be nice and reason with them. However, if you feel as if you can't handle that situation, you are always free to leave. 
    Animal Crossing City Folk - 1 AM Music-2

    Animal Crossing City Folk - 1 AM Music-2

    Have some calming music to help :)

  • While Ivichs are not welcome to the Wiki or the chat room, we will allow them here temporarily for reasoning, making deals, etc. If you see one drop by and leave right away, do not be frightened.

--Please keep in mind not all new users have bad intentions. Also, do not mistaken spammers for Ivichs!--

  • If you walk into a current Ivich/Venkon fight, you may be excused if the situation is too startling, stressful, or you feel as if it is putting you in danger. While there may be moments you are asked to leave because of some serious safety concern, please listen to the one talking to be removed safely. 
  • Do not provoke the Ivich in any way possible. 
  • If someone is starting to panic, take them into a private message and reassure them it is going to be okay.
  • You may message any user who has user rights to come help with the situation. 
  • While linking the Ivich their talk page is acceptable, you are not allowed to, under any circumstances, able to hand out information about any user.
  • If you are the only person on the chat and an Ivich joins you, we advise you leave.
  • If the Ivich wishes to speak with you and you do not wish to do so, try to politely excuse yourself and notify an admin/mod later about the situation.
  • Always be ready to take note worthy screenshots.
  • If any other users are not taking the situation well, try to be the person to step in to calm them down. Remind them of this page and what we would want you to do.
  • Don't try to challenge an Ivich unless allowed to. We do not need you to try to make a sacrifice just to help.