"I lost my humanity a long time ago."
— Hunter136

Hunter136 is an alternate account belonging to both users Divinity06 and Batman37. This account appeared in late January, but had not made an edit until February. However, this account would lead to both of aforementioned users being permanently exiled.

The idea behind the creation of this account was nothing more than to mess with the Venkons. Though the reason is unknown as to why Divinity06, a long time member did it, Batman37 confessed he continued the ruse out of jealousy. In screenshots, Divinity seemed a little more sick of the account than anything after a set of months this continued.

For the longest time, "Hunter" posed as the leader of the now Rogue Ivichs. He also acted as though he was responsible for working with Him of The Many and did it for nothing more than power. He had said he would kill Him for power and was well on his way to becoming more than what AmbroseMalachai would ever be.

Immediately, it was suspicious. This account did not start up until Divinity brought his friends from the PSI Wiki over. An already red flag that it was an alt was the mention of knowing Nicole since 2015, and Divinity was the only member who would come to match this time frame.

Since the Venkons couldn't correctly pinpoint this account to anybody, they decided it would be best to watch what happens and use judgement later. The behavior was inconsistent, and all things Hunter would say did not match tradition. Since the Ivichs that are rogue do not follow the new law, they would go with the old agreements made before the treaty. Hunter fit none of this, and even insulted the Ivich Army often before decided to "merge" his nonexistent forces with these supposed people he had contact with from Ambrose's rogue army.

He matched no known Ivich behavior, let alone one from a rogue group. His claims of being their total and new leader did not add up, raising more suspicion. There is not a single rogue with mercy, or a rogue that lets the slightest bit of information slip. Nicole commented on this behavior several times, outright telling him he's different and strange compared to the rest.

Hunter would grow to be something slightly annoying and confusing. He was demanding, he threatened people over the smallest things next to no reason, he would continue to go back on his word, and often upset people for fun. He would often slip in and out of sanity and insanity, making him difficult to deal with. This was definitely a trait of Divinity06, but there's no proof that it was him pulling the strings at those times. Hunter would also pretend to get controlled by Him on and off, going as far to claim he killed his pet squirrel.

While he was up to no good almost constantly, one last thing that made him difficult to be around was the fact he would burn his own bridges left and right. He would get close to some, make friends, tell lies often, then destroy any relations he made in an outburst caused by next to no reason.

For months, the Venkons dealt with Hunter switching in and out of being good to them. They dealt with his lies, betrayal, and uncalled for behavior. They were still wanting answers as to who this person really is, but they had no traces. Their accusations were beginning to hurt one another in a frantic attempt to find out who was behind the screen.

Months into investigating, Nicole found that Hunter had been seen in a chat log on another wiki that she knows Divinity was frequent on. She also knew that Divinity had a history of making alternate accounts to stalk people, among other reasons. Though this log only shows Hunter showed up and left, it was enough to bring back interrogation.

Nicole messaged the owner of that wiki, despite their differences and not getting along in the slightest. The owner was kind enough to help investigate, and even confronted Divinity as they were dating then. Batman37, who was also behind this Hunter account, was brought into the interrogation. It was in the beginning he was accused, but the Venkons backed down when he got defensive. 

Through a few hours of interrogating and finding new questions, Divinity opened up on Discord to the owner of the Wiki and she would send the screenshots to Nicole. Divinity seemed tired of the account and wanted to end the ruse, he could very well have quit using the account, leaving only Batman37 to use the account.

Batman37 cracked and admitted to having part in it, perhaps a more major role than Divinity. He admitted he did it out of pure jealousy when Divinity got close to the Venkons. No excuse could save the two from their actions, they have since then been exiled.