The Ivich are the very reason the Wiki Wars began in 2012. Not only the wars, but the reason the Venkons were made. Each Ivich in skill and age varies. As long as they're willing to help AmbroseMalachai, they will be qualified. It's uncertain the exact number there is in total, but it is known there are more than that have been shown.

They function like a messenger for Ambrose. Ivichs do the dirty work while Ambrose gives the orders. Nobody is certain why Ambrose does this himself or at least more than he has been. Their system works like a pyramid of power. At the very top is Ambrose. The further down you go, the less powerful one may be. Their status could effect how plans are put together and how they're put in action. As well as recruitment, freedom in daily activities, and how much they truly matter. 

"Hackers" was the name given to them in the first war. The reason they got called this is because of their method now called Ghosting. Before they were dubbed Hackers, they were actually called ghosts. Now, they've been named "Ivich." Ivich means "eternal."

So far the only inside look at it all and is able to tell the tale is MaskedManClaus. We only have close guesses and very little knowledge otherwise on the Ivichs.

Otherwise, there isn't much known about them.