By the time Wikia War II was at it's peak, the Ivichs started to become more open than before. The two most notable were It's In Your Bloodstream. A Collision Of Atoms. and SkyFall77. The two rarely collaborated, but both ended up having the same wish near the end.

Skyfall77 was the first to turn on the Ivichs. After the Venkon Army got an inside look on the lives some of the enemies live under control of their leaders, some took pity on them while others thought they deserved it. SkyFall77 started breaking information to them while he was the only Ivich in chat. Everyone was skeptical over this for a while, but later understood SkyFall was really trying to flee/help them at the same time. SkyFall grew closer to them Venkons and would start coming around when it was clear for the night. 

One night, however, there was a serious case with SkyFall's life on the line. Damon Salvatore173Common Foundation, and two others had sold him out. EmoGamer, a fellow Venkon at the time, also ended up selling him out and screwing up the whole plan. SkyFall77 was forced to return and was rarely heard from since. This was a possible ally lost, and lots of information.

Bloodstream was a little less direct with the situation of him wanting the protection from the Venkons, though. This made it much more difficult to understand him and collaborate. Bloodstream was actually trying to kill or get rid of IM STILL ALIVE out of protection is what he claimed. He ended up admitting everything he did was to help, not destroy. Bloodstream vowed to talk to the rest when he got the chance.

Bloodstream later came to chat a few nights later, rambling something very bothersome. He warned Nicole and TheScarletDevil24 of a horrible plan going into action. He said he will do his best to stop it all, but he hasn't been heard from since.