"I live in mattressland~"
— Ivixor

Ivixor is a user who has gone through several username changes. Examples being Merri Xozu, Celestial Dreamer, Blue Steel CTS, and -Asilos-. They had come to the HB Wiki from hearing about it in Community Central, where most Wiki users going there at the time had come from. When Ivixor first joined, their behavior was very off, so off the bat they were considered to be an Ivich. Later people began to realize that Ivixor was a bit too out there to be an Ivich, and was rather someone who was just having fun with them. 

They began to change usernames multiple times because it was reported that 6Lorde6 would stalk them, according to a conversation to one of Ivixor's new name changes and Nicole when the old second Wiki users were still somewhat active. Ivixor ended up leaving the war due to all the problems the Ivichs were giving them. While they could still be found on Community Central Chat, it was very hard to contact them because they were always away. When Ivixor changed usernames a few more times, they made their own Wiki known as "Abyssal". It was later found that all accounts were abandon, and one last message was left stating they were leaving for good.