"Not paying attention to what is in front of you can end up proving to be fatal. Not taking a problem seriously can also prove to be fatal. Watch your words and watch your step, Forkie."
— Kalasta

Kalasta is a user that appeared on TheFutureofEuropes Wiki on April 23rd, 2015 along with Jagyel. Kalasta appeared near 4 P.M. and merely just said "N" to IM STILL ALIVE while the was in the TFOE chat room. Nicole responded with some sarcastic remarks and he got fed up and left.

As Nicole was going home, Kalasta came back as chat was much busier on TFOE. At the time, TheTwoLeggedFascist took screenshots of the chat.

Kalasta was not heard from at the end of April 24th, as by June 18th, Lumiv had claimed to have killed him and Jagyel. However, this was proved wrong by early August or late July. Kalasta had gone to the BD chat and claimed to have killed TolfTolf.

This user was later debunked when the IP between TolfTolf and Kalasta matched after the Wikia Staff were asked to check it. The user has not been heard from since that day.