"You will not be ignored."
— Lumiv

Lumiv was a user that appeared on The Future Of Europes Wiki on June 18th, 2015. He was quick to find both BDYT and HB before coming to BD Wiki. He did not find these websites in different days, but all within the same hour.

He is known to speak in morse code, but only to translate to "HE IS DEAD". The meaning of this was unknown until TolfTolf has claimed it was his cousin. However, this was later proved wrong when an email from Wikia Staff came in saying that the IP addresses between TolfTolf, Kalasta, and Lumiv all checked out.

Lumiv was not around much after June 18th. TolfTolf swore to help us and even included some Skype screenshots of the "conversation" he had with him. Again, keep in mind this user is actually not a threat.

After being debunked in September, this user was no longer as big of a threat as thought to be. He was not heard from since that time and has not logged on since.