"Hey hackers....EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLIN'"
— Blud D. Mess

Madnesscrazy, formerly known as "Blud D. Mess", is a surviving user from BDYT Wiki and was even around the Wiki before Wikia War I. He is (presumably) by far the oldest member of the Venkon Army

During Wikia War I, he had moderator rights to help with getting rid of the Ivichs. It was usually just him and Nicole, sometimes users would pop in for a bit and leave. Besides Nicole and Lasifer, he contributed a lot to helping end it. 

While Madnesscrazy and IM STILL ALIVE did not get along all the time, they were still close friends for the time being. After Nicole abandoned her Wiki, Madnesscrazy did his best to keep it alive and bring back the users, even bring in new ones. He eventually gave up on trying seeing as she wasn't coming back and moved on.

In about 2013 or 2014, he was brought to Nicole's new Wiki, HB Wiki. It wasn't long until they got into another fight. However, it was him that left this time. Even though he never saw Wikia War II, he still believes in what he hears considering what he witnessed before. He did not come back after September Silence or the rest of the year. 

Once the BD Wiki was made, he came back a few months before it closed. Eventually, he came to the Discord and is well.