"Eg reiste i minnet. Tilbake til isen som fødde meg. Kjenner varmen frå pusten som tødde meg."
— MaskedManClaus

MaskedManClaus joined the HB Wiki on May 27th, 2014. He was dragged to Nicole's Wiki with knowledge of an uprising. He had said he came just to hang around, but he admitted to her he has a feeling something bad will happen later. Claus had known about the previous and first incident with the Ivich Army, but was not able to help out due to fear.

He was a quiet person and took a while to warm up to users. However, Alphaguy was the first to stand out to him on the website. The two became close friends quickly.

By the time the second war happened, he was constantly back in forth within the chat room and watching over any activity. He was active day and night, doing his all to keep up with the Ivichs. He witnessed the events of Night Of SkyFallIvich RefugeBanning Spree, and even was around before the September Silence got to him.

Claus returned when Nicole came back and headed to her newer Wiki right away. This Wiki, only few would return. The rest would remain missing. He wasn't as active as before, either. He would pop into chat here and there to make sure nothing was going wrong or check logs to make sure nobody suspicious was showing up.

Months after his return, he came back to help a little bit with the Night Watch. As the Night Watch and people from Within Hubris died down, it would be a week until he came back to meet AmbroseMalachai.

By February of 2016, Claus had betrayed the Venkons. He had explained that he felt the Ivichs would benefit him much better than the Venkons ever could and ever have. It was a fight to keep him around considering how valuable he really was, despite him not realizing it. The Venkons lost and Claus went unheard from for a long time. His account was globally banned for unknown reasons after. It wasn't until months that he became active again. 

By July, he was more active than he has been 2016. It was from ItsTimeFor that we found out Claus was an active Ivich, seeing as he sent ItsTimeFor. While Claus hasn't spoken on his own behalf yet, we are patient.


Please read Saved Logs: Claus's Comeback.