— MasterSkymning

MasterSkymning is a user who joined Nicole's second Wiki on April 30th, 2013. He came to the Wiki for unknown reasons and caused many problems in the first few weeks he was there. He had also brought the user HeyMrDJ, who manipulated MasterSkymning heavily. Even though from the beginning he was unstable, what was to come made it worse. Within the first month he became paranoid of everything and would often break down crying for seemingly no reason, but he would say Nicole would see soon enough.

Skymning began coming onto Wikia less and less because of HeyMrDJ. Not too long later did the second Wikia War begin, which is when Skymning became more active than ever. He was torn between which side he should be a part of. Half of him wanted to help the Venkons, the other half almost felt like he was born to be an Ivich. It was a constant struggle for Skymning.

As things began to take their toll on him, MasterSkymning eventually snapped and had gone missing. He was unresponsive to any of the text messages Nicole sent him. With his absence, HeyMrDJ had also disappeared.

It was learned on 8/19 through a friend of his that he is alive.