The Night Watch is an event that occurred by December of 2014. This wasn't the whole month, rather near the end during Christmas break. This whole event strictly took place on BD with no previous incidents on HB or BDYT. This made the Night Watch much easier.

Hence the name of the article, the Night Watch was an event that lasted 24/7. The users IM STILL ALIVE, Horizons are Limited, Eyeless Jack, and Gabeharrison49 were growing suspicious with signs of an Ivich uprising. When their suspicions were confirmed and it got serious, Night Watch was created.

The Night Watch was mostly placed between IM STILL ALIVE and Jay Soul Piano. As one would sleep with their computer on and open (plugged in depending if it was a laptop) and not in their own beds. When one user woke up, the other would be alerted as it was their time to sleep. It would constantly be monitored. Every bit was recorded and reported back the next Watcher.

As it got worse day by day, the hours spent up by the Watcher would increase. Later the users from another website known as "Within Hurbis" began to cause trouble. By January, some had even joined AmbroseMalachai, as he saw potential in them fitting for his army. 

This watch ended by January 4th, 2015. All resumed to normal and the Within Hubris users were not heard from since.