"You and your friends are dead. Game over."
— SanguineS

SanguineS, a user who joined the BDYT Wiki on April 23rd, 2016, left a message on Nicole's talk page mentioning "Sweet revenge." At the time there was thought to be an incident around this time like last year with the situation with TolfTolf and his alternate accounts. This led some to think that Sanguine was Tolf or a member of the Wiki SamuliS messing around with Nicole. After requesting an IP check on SanguineS, it showed he didn't match up with any user, making him genuine. 

The issue began when SanguineS became a bit of an active member on the Wiki, so Nicole and Weesee II explained to him the events that had happened to make the Wiki inactive and not allow any new users making contributions. SanguineS completely understood what had happened, and later showed an interest in helping the Venkons. Before this, though, he was questioned on the message he had left. Behind his back, he was heavily watched and monitored because he was still suspicious. Not too much was told to him.

Nicole and SanguineS exchanged Skypes and they talked a lot. There was a large time difference as he is from Europe, while Nicole is from North America. However, under Skype conversations, things fixed into a strange and slightly uncomforting turn. SanguineS would talk about his violent desires. He would often display impatient behavior and random angry outbursts. This was taken out on Nicole, then his violent desires were revealed towards her. The two fought a lot as her trust was broken.

He had a slow revealing to the side he was on, but it was quickly found. The fighting got so bad Nicole had ended up blocking him from Skype.

And before the blocking occurred, Wysteriaa and SanguineS exchanged Skype information too. The two still talk from time to time, but it's nothing ever good anymore. He has been brainwashed into thinking AmbroseMalachai is the superior being.

He is known to have on and off switching between morals and who he wants to fight for. This always ends in him picking Ambroses side and each time he becomes more and more violent. 

Sanguine has now been noted to have the ability to choke people without being there with them. This also follows along with messing with their hearts. It's painful and a very big concern to Venkons.

As for 11/13/2016, he has once again resumed with this gift he talks about. It's unclear as to what will happen.

On 2/21/2017, he suddenly disappeared. His Gadu Gadu (a polish messaging app) account was deleted, and he has been unresponsive on Skype as well.