"How the fuck did you get condoms from a tweet about Jesus?"
— Shystar500

Shystar500 is a user who is part of the Venkon Army. She is very quiet at some times, but rather loud and outgoing with friends. Shystar500 came to BD Wiki after reading IM STILL ALIVE's blog post on Animal Jam Stories Wiki.

Shystar500 (AKA Shy) is helpful at debates. (Occasionally.) She knows fencing, and is currently debating on private lessons.

You must never mention her past, fore it it troubling. Shystar500 is serious at some times, and usually likes to joke around with friends.

Shystar is a huge geek/nerd. She gets into arguments with The Red Plague and BlackSmithy almost constantly. Why? Because she hates them. It's just that simple. Pure hatred.

She is known to get frequent headaches and dizziness spells, probably due to some bullshit magical reason. Or dehydration. Shystar also misses out on a lot of events, and usually comes to chat right after events happen, or leaves right before them.

Man, great timing there.