"Even if it is dark around us, the truth will reveal itself and things will be at last set right, without spilling blood for the past."
— Spirit Dark Dragon

Spirit Dark Dragon had joined the BDYT Wiki and was quickly aware of the situation Nicole was going through with the Ivich Army. She had waited a long time before talking to anyone. Rather than editing anything, she waited until she was certain she was going to make contact with people.

Her message started off as help and words of encouragement. Spirit and Nicole were fast to meet. Unfortunately, she had also met SanguineS, who made endless attempts to scare her away. While it was difficult for her to meet up with other Wikians, the time was past by leaving messages back and forth with a slower response time.

By the time she met Nicole, she was redirected to this Wiki. For a few weeks, she would meet in chat (mostly on weekends) and talk with some of the Venkons online. Spirit had many questions that could be answered and helped boost her knowledge on what she had been reading up on.

After her stay, she signed up for the Venkon Army and was accepted after 3 days. The others are very excited to have a new members. So far, she has witnessed no events, but will hopefully take note of anything seen later.

Due to her nonsense, she was removed on 9/16/16.