"Of course. I absolutely love doing this to myself. It's great. Just bleeding out..."
— Tyler.brown.372661

Tyler.brown.372661 is a user who Flippstur, Jessie Potato, and IM STILL ALIVE all knew from their school. He was someone who was known to move from place to place quite frequently because of his dads job, which made it hard for him to maintain connection with friends from other states. Tyler was known to be a busy guy, but also made time to hang out with his friends.

It took a while for Tyler and Nicole to get to know each other. Nicole had an aggressive approach on him because of the fact he was dating one of her long time friends. However, it took a while for her to warm up to him. Tyler wasn't as close to Nicole as he was to his other friends, but that didn't matter. Later Tyler had overheard about the war and privately asked about it. He was later sent a long message about the whole war and was interested in helping.

He didn't make an account until Wikia War 2 was over, though. He was afraid of getting caught. The best Tyler did for the Venkons was give his advice while things were happening over text messages. Because he joined so late, there was rarely a reason to come to the Wiki. He had also joined a while before September Silence would begin. So, this made it even more pointless to check on the Wiki. 

By December, Tyler moved south because of his dads job yet again. Though he promised to keep connection with his friends over here, he never held that promise, and eventually went missing to all his northern state friends. He has never been heard from since.

The only sign he is okay still is his Instagram being posted to here and there. 

To see what happened during the war with him, read: Two Colors In My Head.