Venkon Violence is the name of the YouTube channel concerning the war. It is filled with proof in form of video consisting of saved chats and more.

So far only Nicole is in control of this channel and has no plans to release the information to the account to other users at the moment. Though the channel was hacked by SanguineS, the password has since then been changed, but the video he uploaded called - has been saved because it is a worthy event to keep logged.

It holds 37 subscribers and 12 videos. The Venkon Violence channel actually used to only contain Venkon related jokes and was only meant to upload random satire. It used to just be called Wikia War Edits until it took on a more serious turn. The videos from then have been deleted and have no plans on returning.

The videos to upload have been slow to work on and the upload span is very random. As for some time, it has not been worked on and will more than likely have some uploads to make up for the lost time.

A link to it: Venkon Violence YT