This is gonna be my perspective on a few memorable events.

Ambrose's Attack

I don't remember too much from that night, but it was the first time I realized how serious this was. I remember hearing about an Ivich climbing into IM STILL ALIVE 's window, but she seemed confident enough to take him. However, users were still very worried. I still wanted to enlighten the mood, but something inside held me back from doing it. It was like part of my brain knew how much of a fuck up it would be and prevented me from doing anything. We stood in what seemed like silence for hours. We eventually got word of what happened from MaskedManClaus (to my memory, I may be wrong), and we were petrified. I was simply in shock, anger, and fear of what had happened, but I didn't freak out. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for a few others. I helped to calm people down some, but that night changed this place for me forever.

Second Attack

The second attack was worse. I remember IM STILL ALIVE and Jack Noir going out to fight an Ivich. After what happened the first time, I was rather relieved she was bringing company, but still very worried. My worry got worse when I heard she wouldn't let Jack Noir fight, instead, having him watch from the shadows to keep us updated. At the end, the Ivich hit her against a pole and ran off. Jack Noir got her back inside, but she was unconscious for a while. When he finally came to update us, Gabe had a billion questions for him. When he told us he had to focus on IM STILL ALIVE's condition, I tried to calm Gabe and make him shut up about the questions. Unfortunately, a fight broke out between the two of us and Jack Noir had to come in and help. The feelings were more "numbed" this time, but the thoughts were more memorable. That was probably one of the closest times we almost lost her, and like the time before, I felt so angry. I still feel frustrated typing this up, but I can deal with that.