The three wikis prior to this one (BDYT, HB, BD) were all abandoned for a reason. The BDYT was abandoned due to it being too unsafe to go back to, HB was abandoned because the damage was too much to fix, as well as it long outlived its purpose, and the BD was abandoned for the inabliity to not only get more users, but it was built off a lost interest that served no other purpose than to chat anymore.

A wiki can be declared abandoned if:

  • Inactive for at least 4 weeks by all users.
  • Chat is no longer active by any member.
  • Pages, pictures, and videos are removed.
  • There has been an upload somewhere within the Wiki by a user with power (most often the founder) declaring a moving and abandonment.
  • Statistics in views and edits drop.
  • Logs are blank or have nothing new within them.
  • Any seen user creation logs are redirected to the newest Wiki made. That is if one is made after an abandonment.

We abandon wikis to create a new image. If a wiki has long outlived its purpose, has had too much damage to undo, no new users for periods of time, and even little to no edits, will lead up to being abandoned. The disinterest behind the lore of the BD story lead to these wikis becoming a drag to monitor and contribute to. 

The new wiki will be made and presented when ready. Such as this one. The new wiki is built on a firm idea of what the wiki should contain and be about. As well as what purpose it will have to the war, how long it will stay, and how it will be used aside from chatting.