Please keep in mind these are major and noteworthy events that happened in Wikia War I. Not every little bit of this event is recorded.

  • Ilovecreepypasta makes BDYT Wiki.
  • Late May, suspicions rose as constant users were coming in and out of the chat.
  • Later, users piled into chat with usernames that could not be seen from Nicole's end. Memorable users such as "Ilove has cats", "I NEED YOU", "YOUR FRIENDS CAN'T HELP YOU", "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!", etc.
  • As more Ivichs piled into the Wiki, more users left out of fear.
  • Community Central, MLP, and Creepypasta Wiki were pleaded to help by many users. Most came just for a show or to determine if they were lying or not.
  • Many users begged for Wikia Staff to help, but they did not believe anybody. They demanded proof and when they got some, they said they were just "trolls". This was quickly changed when users witnessed what they were doing.
  • Wikia Staff now refuses to shut down the Wiki. Instead, they would like someone else to adopt it.
  • Nicole was left behind with a few other users. Blud D Mess, Ozank, HiddenMachine96 and Lasifer.
  • Any other users who are interested in helping the Venkons are given any type of rights right away.
  • Ozank grows paranoid and bans users left and right. HiddenMachine96 is now angry with Ozank.
  • Nicole was going to go fight the Ivichs behind her house as they wanted her to, but she could not make it. Left for Fargo for the whole day and vowed to leave that Wiki and never come back.
  • Vow broken. See Wikia War 2 Summary for the next events.

Please keep in mind this is just a summary and is not in full detail or mentions every event. This summary zooms in on the major parts of the war. Will add to later.